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I have owned a copy of, and have practiced Science of Breath, A Complete Manual of The Oriental Breathing Philosophy of Physical, Mental, Psychic, and Spiritual Development, By Yogi Ramacharaka since 1976. I first approached the Yogi’s teachings with an open mind. As I read the book it became clear Yogi Ramacharaka wasn’t spewing an ancient fanatical Yogi’s Dogma. His writing was easy to understand and he clearly compared eastern philosophy to western thought.

I have found certain exercises in the book to be of most benefit to wind instrumentalists.

1. The Yogi Cleansing Breath.
2. The Yogi Nerve Vitalizing Breath
3. The Yogi Vocal Breath.

The copy I own has a copyright of 1905. I understand the book was first published in 1904. I have a source for a paperback version of the original. Please contact me to acquire a copy for yourself.

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